Grow the Scarecrow Collection With Your Wishlist Donation

THE BLACK MONOCLE (1961 Georges Lautner), part of Scarecrow's Wishlist Collection

Our collection is know for its broad, eclectic range – everything from big Hollywood blockbusters to small films from marginalized filmmakers and all that’s in between. While we try our hardest to make a copy of every physical release avialable, there are always items that fall outside of our budget.

In 2018, thanks to the support of a generous, anonymous donor, we were able to establish The Wishlist Collection...a section of hard-to-find releases including European imports, influential avant-garde collections, DVD upgrades to documentary features from the beat era, and important missing pieces from our director's section.

Inspired by the generosity of those who have made it possible (including a new, anonymous patron), we're asking for further support to grow this special corner of Scarecrow into a place where film lovers can discover gems no streaming algorithm will ever serve.

Your tax-deductible contribution to the Wishilst Collection will allow us to bring in more titles and inch us further toward our goal of becoming the most comprehensive physical media library available to the public.


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