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End of Year Donation

Help Scarecrow Get Fighting Fit For 2024!

We need to raise $150,000 before January. This is a huge goal, but we feel confident that with your help we can make it happen.


2023 has been an amazing year with our biggest accomplishment being the launch of our new point-of-sale system, affectionately called Zardoz, along with a brand-new website and an improved way to search our library.


While we are over the moon that we were able to take this project over the finish line, it did come at a cost. The release date was delayed by four months as we worked on additional features and fine-tuned some aspects of the system and website. This postponement, coupled with an unusually slow summer, has put an enormous financial strain on our organization. This is what has forced our hand to set such a high goal for this final campaign of the year.


We need to raise $150,000 before January in order to continue smooth operations and not be at risk of losing the following in 2024:

* A Full Slate of Physical Media Titles. We will have to reduce the number of titles we are able to bring into the collection.

* Viva Physical Media! This is one of our most popular YouTube shows and is a great way for us to connect with folks who are not able to come to our location by sharing with them some of the gems in our collection.

* Zeitgeist Speaker Series. This free program is an incredible way to get other voices from the film community and beyond to share with us their knowledge of films that have made an impact.


Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution before December 31st so that we can be fighting fit in 2023.


As a special thanks to donors of $150 or more, we are offering our latest limited-edition supporter t-shirt designed by Scarecrow's own Bryan Theiss! Check it out and let us know if you want to claim one when you donate.


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